The cosmic frequencies of the planet Jupiter are starting to change the world.
In our very near future run by one world government and mass propaganda, children worldwide suddenly acquire the ability to connect to the planet Jupiter. As they develop extrasensory abilities, they learn how to master higher human potential while the planet Earth “shifts” into a new consciousness awakening.

2023. The world has only one government. TV and internet have become propaganda tools to control the masses. Over the world, kids report that they can connect with the planet Jupiter. They start to develop extrasensory abilities. When the World Government explains it as a dissociative pandemic, spiritual leaders see the spontaneous rise of a higher human consciousness. Mexico and Hawaii pioneer radical new schools to help the children integrate their new skills into society.
Today, in the year 2032, a documentary team decides to investigate what we now call: the Jupiter Phenomenon. The government never ceased his pressure, however an ever-growing population of children continues to experience higher human potential. The phenomenon has spread to a more general part of the population and more people are awakening. The cosmic frequencies channelled by those kids are starting to change the world.
What is exactly happening and what are the effects on us and our future?
The human race is about to live one of its highest evolution: a major shift of consciousness that will bring a future of peace and unity. The birth of a new world.