ALICE ANNE PARKER     ~     Dr Ann Amalay     ~

Identified by Honolulu Magazine as Hawaii's best known psychic, Alice Anne is recognized for her work on dreams. She is an award winning filmmaker whose films have been honoured worldwide in Cannes, New York and Venice. Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Hunter College in NYC, she holds a Master Degree from Columbia University and taught at The School of Visual Arts, The University of California at Berkeley, and the San Francisco Art Institute. She plays Dr. Ann. Amalay, the visionary director of the Hawaiian alternative school.

MARGARET DE WYS     ~    Margaret     ~

Margaret is a music composer and a sound installation artist whose works have been performed at venues including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. She has worked closely with traditional shamans throughout the world to heal from cancer. She is the author of Black Smoke and Ecstatic Healing.

As a “frequency master”, her knowledge and experience bring a clear explanation on the vast and invisible world of energies.


GUADALUPE MONTOYA     ~     Guadalupe Montoya     ~

Guadalupe is a family psychotherapist, holds a Master in emotional intelligence, and is specialized in family constellations. She has devoted her life to study the links between science and consciousness. Quantum energy healer and traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, she is the perfect mind to explain how the Jupiter’s children connect with the unified fields.

Guadalupe plays the director of the Mexican school and primary guide of the Mexican kids.

LAMA WANGCHUK     ~     Lama Wangchuk     ~


Lama Wangchuk was a traditional Tibetan Buddhist monk for fifteen years at his brother's monastery, Sherab Ling, in northern India. He completed the 3 years, 3 months, 3 days, meditation retreat in 1991 which gave him the title, Lama. He has been living and teaching in Hawaii since 1995. His formal monastic training complemented by fifteen years of working and learning western culture and language, makes Lama uniquely qualified to teach meditation to our generation.

ALLAN WALKER     ~    Alex Walker    ~

One of the first thing we loved about Allan is that he was born in Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson's hometown. We met Allan in a flight between Maui and Oahu. We talked about Jupiter 2032 and he got totally excited by the story. Being a saxophonist, trumpeter and vocalist, it was easy for him to understand how sound and vibrations rule our world. We were missing a strong male character to play an ex-government officer and suddenly, up in the sky, we found him.

MARLENE CASTANOS     ~     Regina López     ~

Marlene plays Regina Lopez, a mom whose young kid (Ilan) becomes part of the Jupiter phenomenon.

She is going to live a process of transformation and awakening, challenging her to reshape her vision of reality and her relationship with herself, her son and the whole.

LUCAS CUSICK     ~     Lucas Cusack    ~

Natural actor, Lucas is the last talent to join the cast of Jupiter 2032. Part of a family of artists, he showed us that genes are powerful! Lucas plays a 17 year old who was one of the first kid to connect with the cosmic frequencies. He explains the trips to Jupiter and the tests that he and his friends had to go throughout after their firsts travels. Originally from Scotland, Lucas moved to Hawaii when he was 8. Like Miya, we met him at the art class in Oahu.

MIYA JACOBS     ~    Scarlet Laniakea    ~

Enthusiastic 14 years old, Miya Jacobs asked to be part of Jupiter 2032 as she heard about the story during a summer art class in Oahu. International traveller, as she loves to call herself, Miya has already travelled to 40 different countries and was the perfect open minded kid for the project. She brought her creativity and imagination to make the mind-travel to Jupiter come true. Her natural and passionate inspiration was the highlight of our summer.

KEANU DEBLIQUIS     ~      Ilan López     ~

As we were scooting to find the son of Marlene's character, Keanu showed up and agreed to be part of Jupiter's adventure. Keanu's abilities to be in front of the camera were a total delight to work with. Focused and determined, he interprets Ilan,  Regina's son, one of the first kids to experience the frequencies in Mexico and to be part of the Mexican school.